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Love Note

So i want to tell Demetrius on the last day of school. I am going to do it through a note, I think.


Hey Demetrius!

[my cell number]

Love, Helena

P.S. I like you a lot! ❤


What do you think too short? too weird?

Sorry for the random post!




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Tired of waiting, tired of waiting for youuuuuuuuuuuuu. Sorry…old song from the ’60s that I LOVE! But I am tired. I’m EXHAUSTED. SO I was supposed to wake up at 5:30 this morning, but my alarm clock forgot to go off or something. So I roll out of bed at 6:30, shove down my breakfast (an Odwalla bar–love them), and grab my sweatshirt just in time for Becky to pick me up in time to get to my singing group!

I practically slept through the day (though we got chocolates in History 😀 ), and I had to walk home (2 miles) in FLIP FLOPS. I have huge blisters between my toes. And to top it off, on friday I have to wear flip-flops because of the competition. This SUCKS.

Gym, actually, wasn’t that bad though. Sure, I sucked at the game (Racket Whackit/Smackit/Crackit…or whatever), but Oberon transfered to our team! I was drudging to the outfield with my friends (he was behind us) and I was complaining–as usual–about gym class.

Me: Why can’t we just WATCH baseball? I’m fine with that, I just can’t PLAY it!

And then Oberon goes, “Oh yeah, I smell you, Girl!” And I, being the sad person that I am, sniffed the air. He goes, “It’s a term, Lena…but you smell powder fresh, don’t worry”. This is a sure sign, I think! 😀 😀

Well, that was my day. I’m staying in Science during lunch to finish my project 😛 and I have to write like, 5 essays this weekend.

As always,


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Well, I’ve returned from my fab day at school. Lately I’ve been feeling like 1 moment I’m psyched and the next I’m yelling my ass off. Which is why I started this blog…go figure…

Hm. Today was relatively uneventful, aside from ^^ (see above). I made fajitas for dinner…yay!

I have singing tomorrow at 7 AM! Gosh. What will I do?

Boy Civility Count: 3
1–Subject: Homeroom. Notes: Had conversation about coffee.
2–Subject: History. Notes: Had somewhat 1-sided discussion about the rudeness of sitting on someone else’s desk (lol). It was all in good spirit, though. Both parties exchanged laughs.
3–Subject: English. Notes: Had lively conversation about the party in mention’s new band name: SALT (Skill Something Something Something). It was fun I guess…weird though.

Ohhhh wait you don’t know. Here’s my question, taken directly from yahoo answers:

am having MAJOR issues with guys. I can’t seem to carry on a normal conversation with them. They think I’m weird–not unattractive, but unapproachable. I think they might be sort of intimidated (I’m sort of known for being sarcastic to boys). How do I get rid of my reputation?

Well one answer I got was try to be nice to at least 1 boy per day and expand each week. Well…s’working!


So now I must go wash my hair, or it will certainly be atrocious tomorrow!


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