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I’ve always wanted to start a secret society. With fancy induction ceremonies, secret meetings, and sacred rituals. It’s just seemed so cool to me. But I don’t know where and when to start one, and who I should start one with. I’m thinking that at my new private school, I could start one. But maybe I should make a game plan first…

Anyhow, here’s an article I found on the subject. My plan is below.

How to Create a Secret Society

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Have you always wanted to be in an exclusive club, but never known of any? Do you wish to be viewed as chic and sophisticated? Start a secret society with only your coolest and closest friends.


  1. Get a secret! A secret society has a secret to protect. The Illuminati are said to have a secret plan to take over the world (and is said to already be working).
  2. Read a few clique-like books for some background information. Get any number of your friends to read these books. Privately talk with one of your closest friends whom you know will love the idea of starting a secret society.
  3. Think of a name. You and your closest friend should discuss what your secret society should be called. Also discuss who you will induct. Remember, even if you have a large group of (really good) friends, not all of them are secret society material. They won’t find out, as it is a secret society.
  4. Conduct a proper initiation for you and your closest friend. This should be done before you initiate others. That way, you are sure to come up with a good idea. The initiation is one of the most important parts of the society. It has to be something neither of you would do normally. Candle-lighting sets a serious and official tone, and symbolic objects are a must.
  5. Figure out what your society does. There have to be rules. Set a schedule for fun things you can do, ie. dressing alike on certain days, or having monthly rituals. Have fun with it! It’s all about your creativity.
  6. Find potential members. Subtly drop something related to your secret in a conversation with a friend to figure out how they feel about it. Make sure there’s no possibility they ever betray you, make sure they will be okay with the rules. Don’t mention your secret society until you are absolutely sure they can be completely trusted.
  7. Induct your members. Invite your friends to a sleepover and then spring it on them. They will be surprised and excited, and thrilled because they are special.
  8. Keep quiet and have fun. Your friends and you will be closer than ever.


  • If you are only choosing certain friends amongst a clique, be prepared to deal with questions if one of your unchosen friends finds out about your secret society; have answers and excuses meticulously prepared!

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I’m so excited!



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Hi there…

Well I have been so freaking PISSED lately. My family is always on my back, but the main problem is my friends. So basically, one of my friends (Lise) invited me to her sleepover with a whole bunch of other friends. We formed a little group thing at the beginning of the year. But the thing is, the group thing worked out for everyone BUT me. I feel farther apart from them than before–not closer. But anyway. Lise invited me to her sleepover, and I don’t think I’m gonna go. I know that sounds b**chy, but I just don’t relate to them anymore. They treat me like I’m a spoilsport, just because I don’t ADORE anything related to sex, drugs, and slacker-ness. They call me a suck-up because I get 100%’s on most of my tests (except in math, but my average is still higher than theirs). I just have nothing in common with them. Sadly, they have a LOT in common with each other, and at the beginning of the year we scheduled all our classes to be together. So now I’m stuck with them. They don’t MEAN to leave me out, they just end up doing it because I find them obnoxious and they find me different from them.

Well, I’ve been hanging out with a really nice group of people, and they are really supportive. I won’t name them all here, but basically they’re a lot like me. One of them is teaching me to knit, and they’re all super creative. I just wish that my old friends (see above ^^) didn’t give me dirty looks whenever I hang out with the nicer people.

And then there’s this whole confidence thing. I take voice, and my voice teacher said that if I didn’t become more confident and less perfectionistic, she couldn’t teach me anymore. So I have to get a triple dose of confidence FAST. It doesn’t work that way, though. I scrutinize myself too much, I’m not optimistic, I have some serious issues with my attitude right now, and I just wish I didn’t care what people think.

But I do.

And then BOYS. Boys hate me, and I don’t know why. I try and try. I’m attractive, and I’m nice (and I’m not bragging), and I’m not really to assertive. I’m 14 years old and I have not once had a relationship with anyone. I feel so out of the loop. I mean, I like…3 guys right now. And as far as I can tell, none of them like me back. Well, one did hug me after the musical was over, because I was crying. And another one did sit with me in science (although he talked to his friend at another table the entire time).

I’m just so confused, bewildered, and angry.

At least I’m going to a private high school–which means I never have to see most of the people I’m bitching about EVER AGAIN!


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